Metalnx is a web application designed to work alongside the iRODS. It provides a graphical UI that can help simplify most administration, collection and metadata management tasks removing the need to memorize the long list of icommands.

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iRODS Plugins

Isilon iRODS Plugin

Dell EMC Isilon scale-out storage systems can be used with IRODS to store and manage large amounts of data. The Isilon iRODS Plugin is designed to provide object access to the Isilon when accessing data from iRODS.

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iRODS is open source data management software used by research organizations and government agencies worldwide. iRODS is released as a production-level distribution aimed at deployment in mission critical environments.

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Metalnx: Metadata Management for iRODS.

Metalnx helps both the IT administrators charged with managing metadata and the end-users who need to find and access relevant data based upon metadata descriptions.

Making use of metadata via an easy to use UI provided by Metalnx working with iRODS can help:
  • Maximize storage assets
  • Find what’s valuable, no matter where the data is located
  • Automate movement and processing of data
  • Securely share data with collaborators
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Isilon iRODS Plugin: Better performance in your iRODS grid.

Isilon iRODS Plugin provides iRODS with the full potential of DELL EMC Isilon scale-out storage system. It offers better read performance, and load distribution among nodes of a clustered storage system.

Core features:

  • A storage resource driver for Isilon on iRODS 4.1.9 and later
  • Object based access to an Isilon cluster: HDFS access which is JRE free
  • Better load balancing and in some cases better performance compared to NFS access
  • Support for using Isilon storage pools across multiple iRODS resource servers
  • Some client-side performance optimizations like read ahead